Omerta Code in the Classical Music Industry

Omerta Code in the Classical Music Industry                                                                                                                  …

Milestones in the career of Idil Biret

IDIL BIRET AT 80 Milestones in her career    (The more important events in bold print)   1946      At the age of five she plays for the President of the Turkish Republic Ismet Inönü and then performs Bach’s D Minor keyboard concerto with a quartet at the Ankara radio 1948      The Turkish National Assembly passes…

Süreyya Operası’ndan Bayram Konseri: İdil Biret Piyano Resitali

Dünyaca çapında başarılara imza atan, Beethoven’in bütün piyano sonatları, konçertoları ve senfonilerinin piyano uyarlamalarını çalan ilk ve tek piyanist İdil Biret, Kadıköy Belediyesi Süreyya Operası’nda Ramazan Bayramı için özel bir konser verdi. Yeni koronavirüsün yayılımını engellemek amacıyla uygulanan sokağa çıkma kısıtlaması nedeniyle Çarşamba günü çekilen konser, Ramazan Bayramı’nın birinci günü saat 20:00’de Kadıköy Belediyesi’nin sosyal…

Idil Biret “The Portrait of a Childhood Prodigy” Directed By Eytan IPEKER IDIL BIRET THE PORTRAIT OF A CHILDHOOD PRODIGY Idil Biret was five years old when she played piano to the Turkish President. Two years later, the Congress passed “Idil’s Law” which allowed her to study in Paris. Away from her friends, in an alien city, the little kid was now working under the strict…

İdil Biret ile 70 yıl

Biret finishes Debussy recordings to be released in the autumn on 2CDs, A sample: Clair le lune

Paris recital 16 April 2019

Idil Biret in 2002 and moving to 2003

Secretariat Idil Biret / Brussels 2002 has been another active year for Idil Biret. In England she recorded Stravinsky’s piano transcription of the complete Firebird ballet music which will be released worldwide by Naxos in the summer of 2003. Another important release in 2003 February will be the Etudes of György Ligeti (Book I…

Idil Biret in 2003 and moving to 2004

Secretariat Idil Biret / Brussels 2003 was another active year for Idil Biret. Naxos released her recordings of the Ligeti “Etudes” in March and the Stravinsky “Firebird” ballet transcription in July to much critical acclaim. The Gramophone magazine in England selected the “Firebird” as an editor’s choice in November saying “Idil Biret takes on…

Idil Biret in 2004 and moving to 2005

Secretariat Idil Biret / Brussels This was a year of travels for Idil Biret, engagements taking her to places as far as Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, and Allentown in Pennsylvania USA. January started with the now traditional annual recital in Rome at the Theatre Ghione master pianists series.

Idil Biret in 2005 and moving to 2006

Secretariat Idil Biret / Brussels “The Turkish pianist Idil Biret was one of the greatest pianistic prodigies of the 20th Century. Her recital at the Boston Conservatory last night demonstrated that she is no less prodigious today. She played a long and demanding program with the power, concentration, and pouncing instincts of a crouching…

Idil Biret in 2006 and moving to 2007

Secretariat Idil Biret / Brussels 2006 was a year rich in activities for Idil Biret, particularly in their variety; including the publication of a book, starting work on a new edition of the Chopin scores, new recordings, and a new CD release and of course concerts in many parts of the world.

Two millionth CD Award to Biret

Doğan Hızlan, 28 December 2004 A Platinum CD was presented to Idil Biret, the world-famous Turkish pianist, as the sales of her CDs reached to two million copies.

Idil Biret was honored by the President of Poland with a “Eminent Service Medal”

Idil Biret was honored by the President of Poland Lech Kaczynsky with the “Order Zaslugi Rzecy Postpolitej Polskiej / Kryzem Kawalerskim” medal of the country with a ceremony organized at the Ambassadorship of Poland in Ankara on 23rd January 2007 due to her contributions to the Polish culture, performance and recording of the works of…

Book on İdil Biret was published in Germany

The book named “Une Pianiste Turque En France: Idil Biret”, which is based on an interview of Dominique Xardel with Idil Biret, was published by Buchet-Chastel, a prestigious publishing house in France, at the end of the previous year. This book was translated into Turkish by Üner Birkan under the name “Dünya Sahnelerinde bir Türk…

Idil Biret in 2008 and moving to 2009

2008 was exceptional as during this year Idil Biret’s own record label The Idil Biret Archive was launched internationally. In December IBA joined the Naxos family of labels being distributed worldwide on CD as well as digitally on major websites, including Naxos Music Library, ClassicsOnline, iTunes, eMusic and Amazon. The IBA label made its debut…

Idil Biret’s Athens Recital (Bettina Mara)

Bach/Kempff, Gluck/Kempff, Chopin, Kreisler/Rachmaninov, Wagner/Liszt : Idil Biret piano, Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall 23.5.2009 Bettina Mara

Reactionary protest against Idil Biret’s concert at the Topkapi Palace

Vakit Newspaper Incites Reactionary Protest against Concert A concert by world-famous pianist Biret in Topkapı Palace was targeted by protesters who were prevented by police from storming the building. 13 July 2009, Monday The Vakit newspaper published an article entitled “Alcohol will flow like water in the sacred place” about a concert by world-famous…

Idil Biret in 2009 and moving to 2010

2009 was a year of travels, concerts and release of a record number of CDs (19 altogether) on Idil Biret’s own record label IBA (Idil Biret Archive) which was launched internationally in December 2008. The year started with a concert in Potsdam (Germany) in January in memory of Wilhelm Kempff who had lived there before…

Bill Newman interviews Idil Biret

AKOB Magazine supplement / May 2012

Idil Biret in 2012 and moving 2013

2012 was a year of travels, concerts, jury work, music editing, master classes and again the release of a number of CDs on Idil Biret’s own record label IBA, launched internationally in 2008. It was also the year of a major collaborative work with Yale University on Paul Hindemith who left his marks in both Turkey…

Boston Concert 22 November 1963

Boston Concert  22 November 1963 Rachmaninov – Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor, Op. 30 Idil Biret / Erich Leinsdorf / Boston Symphony Orchestra Live recording – Boston, Friday 22 November 1963 as broadcast by  WGBH radio ( Rebroadcast in New York on 23 November by WQXR).

Idil Biret in 2013 and moving to 2014

Idil Biret in 2013 and moving to 2014 2013 was another year of travels, concerts, jury work, music editing, master classes and the release of one of the largest number of new and old CDs ever in a year (20 in all) on Idil Biret’s own record label IBA and Naxos. It was also the…

Gottfried Wagner and Idil Biret April 2013

a) Gottfried Wagner and Idil Biret b) Gottfried Wagner speaks on Idil Biret

Hindemith Concertos with Yale Symphony on CD

Idil Biret in 2014 and moving to 2015

Idil Biret in 2014 and moving to 2015 2014 was another year of recordings travels for concerts, jury work and master classes. The first recording of the year was in March; Scriabin’s Etudes Opp. 2, 8, 42 and the Fantasie Op. 28. Then, in May Biret recorded with the Borusan Quartet of Turkey, Schumann’s Piano…

Yasar Kemal’in Idil Biret ile buluşması – Nisan 2014

Idil Biret plays Chopin’s 1st Ballade for Yasar Kemal 2/3/2015 – Istanbul

Idil Biret at 75 – Interview

The documentary film on Idil Biret “The Portrait of a Child Prodigy” shown at film festivals