The book named “Une Pianiste Turque En France: Idil Biret”, which is based on an interview of Dominique Xardel with Idil Biret, was published by Buchet-Chastel, a prestigious publishing house in France, at the end of the previous year. This book was translated into Turkish by Üner Birkan under the name “Dünya Sahnelerinde bir Türk Piyanisti: Idil Biret” and published by Can Yayınları, a leader Turkish publishing house in Turkey, in June. And German version of the book was published by STACATTO-Verlag, a German publishing house, on 30th September. Idil Biret gave a concert at Schloss Nordkirchen concert hall near Münster city, where the Headquarters of Naxos Germany, a recording company, is located, on the same day in scope of 20th anniversary celebrations of Naxos. The concert program consisted of op. 24 “Handel Variations” of Brahms, op. 2, no. 3 “Piano Sonata” of Beethoven and op. 58 “Piano Sonata” of Chopin. Idil Biret had recorded all works of Chopin for Naxos in the past and received a Chopin special award. Biret has also recorded all works of Rahmaninov and Brahms for Naxos. In addition, she has also recorded works of some other composers such as Ligeti, Boulez and Stravinsky. The performer was honored with a “platinum CD” by the company in 2005 since the sales of her albums recorded by Naxos exceeded 2 million CDs around the world.