Idil Biret was honored by the President of Poland Lech Kaczynsky with the “Order Zaslugi Rzecy Postpolitej Polskiej / Kryzem Kawalerskim” medal of the country with a ceremony organized at the Ambassadorship of Poland in Ankara on 23rd January 2007 due to her contributions to the Polish culture, performance and recording of the works of Polish Chopin around the world. President of Poland made a formal call to Turkey for this visit.

Grzegorz Michalski, Ambassador of Poland, says in his letter, by which the medal is granted to Idil Biret:

“Music of Chopin has always been an important part of our national culture. It is a music that belongs to Poland intrinsically. We think that playing Chopin means to introduce and translate Poland to the entire world. We think that your artistic achievements and your contributions to introduction of Polish music and Chopin to the world and in Turkey deserve a special commemoration value. For us, it is a tradition to honor the artists that emphasize the international dimension of Polish culture with their lives and artistic achievement. For such reasons, our granting a medal of Polish Republic to you is an expression of our gratitude to such contribution of you.

Idil Biret performed all piano works of Fredéric Chopin in 15 CDs recorded by Naxos in 1990s. This integral has been appreciated by music critics and music lovers and she has been granted with the “Grand Prix du Disque Fredéric Chopin” Award in Warsaw in 1995. Chopin records of the pianist sold over one million copies around the world up to date. Idil Biret performs works of Chopin at her concerts for many years. She will perform Mi Minor Piano Concerto of Chopin with Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra will give concerts in New Orleans and San Francisco during her tour to America.

In addition, Idil Biret will record a new edition of all piano works of Chopin with New York International Music Company. The first work of this series will be “Tarantelle Op. 43”.

24 January 2007