A Turkish Pianist on the Concert Stages of the World, Xardel


The book “Une Pianiste Turque En France: Idil Biret” by Dominique Xardel was translated into English and is being released this month as a special edition.

Book on İdil Biret was published in France, Turkey, Germany

xardel_idil_biret_couv.jpgThe book “Une Pianiste Turque En France: Idil Biret”, based on a long interview of Dominique Xardel with Idil Biret, was published by Buchet-Chastel, a prestigious publishing house in France, at the end of 2006. The book was translated into Turkish by Üner Birkan with the title “Dünya Sahnelerinde bir Türk Piyanisti: Idil Biret” and published by Can Yayınları, a leader Turkish publishing house in Turkey, in June of 2007. A German version of the book was published by STACATTO-Verlag, a German publishing house, on 30th September 2008. Idil Biret gave a concert at Schloss Nordkirchen concert hall near Münster city, where the Headquarters of Naxos Germany, a recording company, is located, on the same day in scope of 20th anniversary celebrations of Naxos. English, Polish, Greek and Armenian versions of the book are on preparation.

For an interview in Turkish with the author of the book Xardel and Biret please click.

xardel_idil_biret_couv.jpg  ”İdil Biret: Une pianiste turque en France”. (Book in French) Author: Dominique Xardel. Publisher: Buchet-Chastel.  2006 December.
xardel_kitap_kapak.jpg “Dünya Sahnelerinde Bir Türk Piyanist: İdil Biret”. (Xardel’s book translated into Turkish) Author: Dominique Xardel. Publishing House: Can Yayınları. Translation: Üner Birkan. 2007 June.
xardel_cover_german.jpg “Ein türkische Pianistin auf der Bühnen der Welt” (Xardel’s book translated into German) Author: Dominique Xardel. Publisher: Stacatto Verlag. Paul Hindemith’s report written in 1930’s on Turkey’s musical development is attached.  2008 January.